Institute of Design Knowledge

How can design thinking transform public services?

Governments across the world are grappling with innovation. How can public services keep up with digital and societal transformation while facing structural or political limitations? Design Thinking, a structured creative process, can be an unimaginably powerful approach to tackle the unique challenges of innovating inside organisations, which will help align stakeholders around a vision and create change, even among complexity and bureaucracy.


We Regularly Conduct Seminars and Workshops to Public Sectors

IDK works with the governmental and public entities to introduce Design Thinking and innovation leadership to doctors, civil engineers, surveyors, fisheries managers, police, accountants, town planners, chemists, etc. Design Thinking training has helped these diverse roles improve the design of public services and work more creatively.


We Offer Bespoke Training for Specific Needs

IDK designs each workshop to meet the specific needs of your organisation or department. To benefit participants coming from different backgrounds and professional grades, materials used in the courses are tailor-made to achieve learning outcomes relevant to specific needs, along with a wonderful learning experience suited to your schedules.


Our Courses

Please contact us for a discussion about your organisation’s bespoke training needs. Feel free to leave us a message or make a call.