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Key Figures at a Glance

35 Course Modules Offered

700+ Design Professionals and Senior Business Executives Enrolled

150+ Corporate and Public Entities Participated

120+ Senior Managers Participated

100+ Participants Trained for EMBA


Cultivating an Innovative Mindset

About Institute of Design Knowledge (IDK)

To meet the growing demand for executive design education, the Institute of Design Knowledge (IDK) launched a modular learning platform to impart advanced design knowledge and innovation training, to enhance the competitiveness of local industries by exploring, developing and sustaining innovative approaches in the workplace. 

Created in 2012, the InnoDesign Leadership Programme (IDLP) features a mix of interactive workshops consisting of small groups chaired by industry leaders and advocates, customised to the needs of local designers, business executives and the dynamic market. Touching on a wide range of design practices and management issues, the combination of industry expertise and pedagogical skill helps attendees, especially strategic users of design, design management and design practitioners, learn to create value through innovation and design for professional and personal development. IDLP modules developed under the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s EMBA programmes help executive-level business decision makers strategise, plan, organise and deliver creative business solutions, with a focus on design leadership and innovation management across the public, non-profit and private sectors.


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