Institute of Design Knowledge

Hong Kong needs future thinkers.


The duties of a teacher are passing knowledge to the pillars of the new generations. Their minds would shape and construct the future worlds. Educators now apply Design Thinking to explore new teaching methods to classrooms, impact the education system, and pass creativity and innovative mindset to future generations as society evolves.

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More than 170 Teachers Empowered with Design Thinking

IDK equips teachers with necessary design thinking skills to step up their teaching. The activities covered the whole creative problem-solving process from discovering issues, defining the problem statement, developing potential ideas, to delivering solutions.


More than 55 Schools Involved

We have the experience to bring Design Thinking to educators from different backgrounds, including principals, teachers, and even teachers-to-be. Design Thinking spark on creativity and innovation, and opens up opportunities to innovate the school system.


Our Courses

Design Thinking

This introductory course brings participants through the basic principles of Design Thinking. Through hands-on learning, participants get their first experience in the mindsets and process used in this approach.


Design Mindsets

Learn the ways of thinking that help you lead innovation and navigate complexity and uncertainty: creative confidence, critical thinking, decision-making, collaboration, empathy.

Design Process

Follow the design process: discover, define, develop, deliver. Try design thinking using a problem statement that is relevant to your own field of work. Learn how to apply the skills in your everyday work.

Case Studies

Learn about how design thinking is being used through cases and design stories relevant to your own field.

Our Courses

Design Doing

This course gives participants a more in-depth experience of practicing Design Thinking. Participants are guided through a detailed design process to tackle a design challenge over two days.


Design Methods

You’ll learn about user needs, observe situations and draw insight from them, work together in teams to brainstorm, frame a problem and come up with ideas. Then prototype your concepts for presentation.

Design Process

A significant portion of the course is dedicated to experiencing and practicing the design process. You’ll discover new ideas, define a problem statement, develop concepts and deliver your concepts in a presentation to the group.

Design Mindsets

Get hands-on experience practicing the mindsets and methodology that help you navigate complexity and uncertainty: creative confidence, critical thinking, decision-making, collaboration, empathy.